The Main Products

- structural adhesives
- resins for laminates
- mold making materials
- electrical insulating resins
- thermally conductive materials
- acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones, thermosets
- UV adhesives, flexible adhesives, sealants
- stitching roving fabrics, made from the glass, carbon or Kevlar fibers
- materials for the vacuum bagging and for the infusion
- pasts, gelcoats, molding plates, topcoats, plates for tooling, rapid prototyping
- molding compounds, impregnations, resins, lacquers, encapsulants, electrical insulating paper
- mixers and dispensers for resins

Our Assortment Includes

Acc, Acrystal, Airex, Airtech, CMP, C.Cramer, Dow corning, Dymax, Spolchemie, Jost, Molykote, Permabond, Polyprocess, SciGrip, Saertex
Thermhex, Toho tenax, Xiameter