General Information

General Information

Milar is a company of the German Biesterfeld Group - a leading distributor of chemical products in Europe.

We have been operating on the Polish market since 1990, offering our customers expert technical advice and a wide range of high-quality specialty products.

We offer:

Materials for composite production

Tooling materials (for models, molds, prototypes)

Materials for electronics, eleectrical engineering and the power industry

Adhesives, lubricants, release agents

Silicone rubber, rubber compounds and rubber additives

Materials for the construction industry

Complementary products

Good cooperation with numerous manufacturers allows us to prepare a wide range of materials for various manufacturing domains. Renowned suppliers also ensure the high quality of supplied materials and access to the latest technologies.

A team of competent employees will help you choose a product or implement new technology.

Outside of the territory of Poland, we supply our products to customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus.